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Food. Balancing the digestive system. Excellent cure for flatulence!
 Yogurt if the digestive system does not fight well. Yogurt is considered as an alternative to help balance the digestive system. Because it is rich in good microbes or high probiotics By helping with the work of the digestive system. It also helps to strengthen the immune system Ready to prevent various germs That is related to the digestive system and excretion Therefore helps to reduce constipation at the same time Ginger is an herb that has a spicy flavor. Which is very important in driving the wind, so if you have flatulence, indigestion, and you have a feeling of stiffness at the epigastric all the time, you can't eat anything full, then you should eat ginger immediately. Whether chicken stir-fry with ginger Porridge with sliced ginger Steamed fish with ginger or warm ginger juice Only this, it will feel more relief immediately. And can eat normally. Bananas Bananas are a common fruit that is easy to find. But packed with benefits Because there are many vitamins and minerals It also contains inulin substances. Which helps stimulate the growth of good microbes Causing the digestive system And the excretion is normal While also stimulating the body to secrete mucus, protecting the gastric mucosa from the destruction of acids. You therefore feel that stomach irritation is reduced. When eating bananas >>  สมัครออนไลน์


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